Top Revision Tip - You

  1. Draw up a revision plan or timetable before you start your revision. This will help you plan your time effectively.
  2. Create a revision space in which you can revise effectively, somewhere quiet, uncluttered and somewhere where you will not be disturbed by people moving around.
  3.  Short spurts of revision are the most effective. Try to revise in half hour periods with 5 minute breaks in between to maximise your efficiency.
  4.  Turn off your phone, iPod and laptop. These are just temptations for distraction.
  5.  Don’t just revise the subjects and topics you like or know well to make yourself feel better. Work on your weak ones as well.
  6. Make your own revision notes. It is easier to remember things you have written out yourself in your own words.
  7. Doing exercise can help your revision. Sometimes you need to get away from your desk and clear your mind. This could be a sport or even just going for a walk.
  8. Reward yourself. Make sure you schedule some free time into your revision as well. This could be an afternoon or morning off revision to relax or go out and enjoy yourself.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers, friends or family for help with things you are stuck on or need more practise with.
  10. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. As well as reducing your stress levels, it’s impossible to revise when you’re overtired.